About Team Rhino

Team Rhino’s roster is global, and our plays are local. From a rookie-level retweet to a Major League donation, all members of Team Rhino are joining forces to compete against the greatest poaching crisis this century. And we play to win!

Every day of the year, the International Rhino Foundation, along with our MVP conservation organizations on the ground, are working hard to protect all five species of rhino around the world from the threats of poaching and habitat loss.

Join Team Rhino to help this species fight for its survival — and win.

Sport the jersey. Cheer on rhinos by facing the crowd and showing your team spirit. Go #TeamRhino!

“In some parts of Asia, the misguided belief that rhino horns contain magical curative qualities has resulted in the slaughter of about a thousand rhino a year. The truth is rhino horns are made of the same stuff as fingernails. If the slaughter isn't stopped, the African rhino will disappear in a matter of decades, or less. Please join the effort to save these majestic animals.” — Dave Matthews

“Harapan the Sumatran rhino. The rarest rhino in the world. We teamed up with Team Rhino to let you and the world know about how badass these creatures are. Donate your mind and time to find out more about saving animals around the world!” — Zac, James, Matt and Dave of American Authors

"It's not just a species facing extinction, but massive individual suffering." — Dr. Jane Goodall

“A century ago, maybe as many as a million rhinos roamed the earth. Today that number is less than 30,000, so the fight for survival was never more important than it is now. You can help. Join Team Rhino!” — Jack Hanna

Bradley Trevor Greive repping Team Rhino on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

"Some of the most memorable, poignant, and remarkable moments filming for the various wildlife TV series that I have hosted over the years have involved rhinos. Rhinos, indeed, are a big part of my life — can't imagine the world without them. Do your part to prevent their extinction!" — Jeff Corwin, Producer and host of Ocean Mysteries on ABC

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Members of Team Rhino are doing whatever they can to stomp the competition from poachers and cheer on rhinos to victory. Share your action shot with #TeamRhino and we might display it here!